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HCCPTA Scholarship 23/24 Flyer

Scholarship Application

HCC PTA/PTSA 2023-2024 Scholarship Application

Instructions for Submitting Your Application:

All applicants must be members of a Hillsborough PTSA and must be graduating from a Hillsborough County high school.

VERY IMPORTANT - Unfortunately you cannot save your work in progress and return back to the form.  Make sure you have everything you need to complete and submit the form in one sitting so you do not lose any work in progress.

ALL materials must be attached to this application in order for your application to be considered.  Attach PDFs of the following with your completed application:
* Student Summary from guidance counselor (one-page document with classes, credits, GPA, etc.)
* Copies of your SAT and ACT score reports (as applicable)

* Educational Expenses
* Personal Statement
* Recommendation letters
* Picture of applicant

Failure to comply with all of the requirements for applying will result in your application being disqualified.

Deadline for Submission:  April 15th, 2024, 11:59 pm EST.

Scholarship recipients will be selected based on a combination of merit and financial need, with a preference for students involved in their PTSA.  Winners will be notified by May 10, 2024.

Questions should be directed to i[email protected]

APPLY HERE for 2 Year or 4 Year Scholarship

APPLY HERE for Vocational Scholarship