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Hillsborough County PTA/PTSA Legislative Priorities

Fund Public Education – ALL children deserve a high-quality education. 

  • Increase the K-12 per pupil spending in Florida. Currently the national average is $11,500 and Florida is ranked 44th in the nation* for the amount we invest in our students at $7,300.
  • Restore the property tax .5 millage rate to pay for school operating costs. This rate was reduced with the recession in 2008 but now Florida’s economy has improved.
  • Eliminate the “roll back” of the Required Local Effort (RLE) millage rate. This has meant a loss of over $282 million to Hillsborough County Public Schools since 2016.
  • Twenty-one school districts have asked for and voters have approved authority to increase property taxes to make up for inadequate state funding.

Add Accountability and Transparency for charter schools.

  • Add transparency and accountability measures to charter school statutes so that parents can fairly compare charters to each other as well as traditional public school options for their children.
  • Ensure that charter schools provide financial accountability for the tax dollars used to educate Florida students.

Make our Roads Safer for our Students no matter how they travel to and from school.

  • PTA supports laws that restrict the use of any hand-held device that may distract from driving. PTA supports making distracted driving a primary offense in order to make our roads safer for everyone.

Keep our Students Safe.

  • Provide a safe environment by increasing the funding needed to maintain a safe learning environment for students, teachers, administrators and parents. Find ways to protect students and staff without arming teachers.
  • Complete staffing of permanent Resource Officers on every campus.

Provide Mental Health Services and Nursing resources for every school.

  • Promote student access to proactive mental health services.
  • Ensure employment of best practice ratios of qualified mental health professionals to students in schools.
  • Ensure that there are nursing resources at each of our schools to help address everything from distribution of medication to responding to accidents children have on campus.

Provide Career Vocational Training (CTE) to provide career options for students

  • Make vocational opportunities available to students that are developed with input from business partnerships and based on workforce needs.
  • Provide alternative pathways to graduation.

*According to Education Week