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About This Section

The drop down menu contains various sources of information to help our local unit officers run their PTAs more effectively and to also help your unit remain in compliance.  You will find: 

  • Local PTA Websites - our organization is about making connections, take the time to reach out to your other local units and collaborate. 
  • PTA/PTSA Training Resources - missed a training?  Look here for the presentation. 
  • Compliance Checklist - the most current list of the compliance items required of every local unit. 
  • Principal Resources - does your school have a PTA or PTSA?  Do you have questions as to your role?  All of this and more is here for our principals. 
  • Kit of Materials - your one stop shop for all things PTA.  We highly recommend that all local unit officers take the time to read this document.  It can help you avoid costly mistakes. 

Other Resources

National PTA

Florida PTA

Looking for a form? 

Check out Florida PTA Forms where you will find:

  1. 501c3 Determination Letter Request (used to prove you are a nonprofit)
  2. Florida PTA Audit Form
  3. Florida PTA Compliance Requirement Form
  4. Florida PTA Membership Dues Payment Form 
  5. Florida PTA Local Unit Bylaws Form 

Still Have Questions? 

No problem, if you require further assistance your first point of contact is the VP of Local Units, Kimberly McDonough at [email protected].  Kimberly is a long time advocate for children and is an amazing resource for your local unit.  Send her an email today!