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Principal & AP Handbook

A Guide to Knowing and Working with Your PTA or PTSA

What does it mean for the PTA and the principal to work as partners?  Click the PDF below for a comprehensive guide to help you learn more about the oldest advocacy group in America.  

More Resources

Below are a few guides to assist you.  Every local unit in Hillsborough County must be in compliance in order to be considered a unit in good standing.  When a unit is not in compliance, it will prohibit them from booking events in Facilitron.  There are six compliance items that must be completed every single year, as you sit on your PTA or PTSA board you should be aware of these items as the board should be reporting them as complete so that they are recorded in the minutes.  If you notice something missing, speak up.  If you have questions or notice your PTA/PTSA unit is experiencing issues, please reach out to us as we are here to support all of our local units.