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Blanket Use of Facility Agreement

All PTA and PTSA units in Hillsborough County are required to add a Blanket Use of Agreement in Facilitron.  The Blanket Use of Facility (BUoF) takes place of the old paper form that all presidents were required to sign at the beginning of every school year.  We encourage you to add this protocol to your binders and help the incoming officer understand what is required of them. 
Below you will find step by step instructions on how to set up your Blanket Use of Facility Agreement.  You may also click the PDF file below, everything is there for you as well. 
  • All events that take place during student days/hours only.
  • Permission to use the school's name. 
  • General meetings (as long as they are held Monday - Friday).
  • Fundraising efforts such as merchandise/food/etc sales. 
  1. You must have an account with Facilitron.    
    1. If you DO have a general email for your PTA then you may access it and begin the process. 
      1. We recommend all local units create an email that can be passed on to other officers.  However, this is NOT a requirement, it is ONLY a recommendation.
    2. If you do NOT have an account yet, follow the prompts on the screen to set up an account. 
  2. Once you are in, please be on the main page (also called "dashboard" on the menu on the left).  
  3. Near the center of the page you will see an area called "NEW REQUEST". 
    1. Enter the name of your school.  
    2. Once you find your school click on it and a second tab will open up automatically. 
    3. Click "CLASSROOM" if you do NOT have the option of "CLASSROOM" you are welcome to pick any of your options. 
    4. Select any upcoming date and time.  It does not matter because you are only creating this reservation to set up your Blanket Use of Facility agreement. 
    5. Select the green button that says "CHECKOUT".
    6. Now you are on a page that will say, "Event at NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL"
      1. Enter the name of your event as follows:  NAME OF YOUR PTA - BLANKET USE OF FACILITY AGREEMENT
        2. This is important because it will help your school's administration be able to find your request much quicker. 
      2. Select "other" for type of meeting. 
      3. Number of attendees:  30, but no more than 50.
      4. Answer the question of hours with ANY.
      5. The next question asks if this is a, "Is this a school-oriented (PTA/PTSA/Booster Club) Activity?"  
        1. Your answer will be the NAME OF YOUR PTA UNIT
      6. Is this a government-sponsored activity?
        1. Your answer will be N/A. 
      7. Is this a personal/private business activity?
        1. Your answer will be YES. 
        2. PTA's are their own business and you must answer accordingly. 
    7. There is nothing you need to add on the next screen - you may hit the blue button that says "CONTINUE". 
    8. A pop-up box will open called, "TERMS AND CONDITIONS".  
      1. Check that you agree to the above terms, Facilitron's Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy. 
      2. If you do not check you agree, you may contact the district for further guidance. 
    9. Next page is PAYMENT. 
      1. Selection PAY BY MAIL
      2. Select SUBMIT
      3. There will be charges showing, please ignore these as they will be waived once the event is processed and converted to your Blanket Use of Facility. 
    10. On the order confirmation page, you may enter your CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE.  
      1. Your insurance dates must be current, if it has an expired end date it will be rejected. 
      2. You are required to list HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS as ADDITIONAL INSURED and CERTIFICATE HOLDER.  Failer to have this will result in your COI being rejected. 
      3. The address for HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS must appear EXACTLY as shown below: 
        1. Hillsborough County Public Schools, 901 E Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL 33602.
        2. Any deviations from this will result in the COI being rejected. 
      4. If your COI is accepted, the screen will say thank you and you are done. 
        1. You will see PENDING on the main dashboard. 
      5. If your COI is rejected, the screen will tell you that you need to amend it.  You will also receive an email. 
        1. You will still see PENDING on the main dashboard. 
        2. You will need to get the COI amended and then resubmit it as instructed. 
  4. Once your BUoF has been approved you will see it listed on the main dashboard. 

Your are all done!  Until next year or whenever your COI renews is when you will repeat this process. 

Questions?  Email us at [email protected]