This form is for registering NEW officers (for the first time for 2024-2025 or for prior years).

**Please note**:  YOUR OFFICER INFORMATION MUST ALWAYS BE CURRENT AS REQUIRED BY THE IRS GUIDELINES.  If you have already submitted your officers for the year but are CHANGING any of the submitted officer names, please send an email to: [email protected] for instructions.

PLEASE COMPLETE all required information (as soon as officers are elected). You will not receive your login information for MemberHub/Givebacks or the Florida PTA Kit of Materials (which will be emailed after July 20, 2024) if this information is not updated each year. Information MUST be completed for President, Treasurer and Secretary, INCLUDING HOME ADDRESSES, a valid and separate email for each, as well as a phone number.

AFTER COMPLETION OF YOUR FORM: Check your email for the email confirmation of the form submission.  If you do not receive an email confirmation, the form was not completed properly.  The MemberHub login information and Florida PTA Kit of Materials will be sent to each local unit upon receipt of this completed form. (ALL MAILINGS WILL BE SENT TO THE PTA/PTSA PRESIDENT’S EMAIL and HOME ADDRESS YOU PROVIDE.)

By providing email addresses, Florida PTA can provide important updates to each member listed. Florida PTA uses this information for its communication purposes only. WE DO NOT PROVIDE OFFICER OR MEMBERSHIP LISTS TO OUTSIDE NON-PTA ENTITIES.

Please use this link to register your 2023-2024 officers so that we can begin sending you the important information mentioned above: