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Meet Our Military Inclusion Chair

Jennifer Southerland-Military Inclusion Chair

If you would like our new Military Inclusion Chair to come out to your PTA to guide you in how to engage military families, email Jennifer Southerland at [email protected]

HCCPTA Month of the Military Child

April all month: Join in the Tik Tok Purple Challenge with the Military Kids Alliance. leaders in our school district, mil kids and civilian supporters “Can you Talk the Walk” More info soon. Will be sharing on the HCC PTA/PTSA Page. 
Apr 1st : 6-8 p.m. EST: Navigating your Path to College virtual workshop by MCEC for Robinson HS and open to All families: Click link to join: 
April 15: 6:30 p.m. MOMC FACEbook Live with HCC PTA/PTSA President Frank Reyes and Mlitary Inclusion Chair Jennifer Southerland. See the facebook page Hcc Pta/PTSA 
April 17th: 1100-1300, Celebrate the MOMC at the MacDill Main Store PX, drive up to the front, wear Purple, receive a goodie bag. 1 per person, ID card holders with gate access. 
April 21st : All Day: Purple Up Awareness Day and Spirit Day for Hillsborough County and The State of Florida. Wear your Purple and Share your photos on FACebook and tag HCCPta/PTSA or on Twitter. 
Apr 21st : Purple Up virtual Early Literacy Book Reading 11:15 a.m. est “Harold and the Purple Crayon” registration link: purple Meeting #: 187 751 2112
April 27th : 10 a.m est: Virtual Workshop for MacDill Slo Parent Focus Group: Fostering Resilience for Military children. Reg link: REsilience
Like the HCC Pta/PTSA Facebook Page and the HCC Pta Military Resource Page for Military Kid Facts/Advocacy links/resources, book lists and ways to honor kids who serve. Look for our virtual purple up Photo Ops to join in and share you purple up pride. 
MoMC ToolKit:

Month of the Military Child Toolkit

For those schools thinking about celebrating the Month of the Military Child in April, here is the link to the Military Child Education Coalition Toolkit. You can choose a day in April to honor military kids.

Veterans Day Activity Ideas

There are many resources available to help your PTA/PTSA develop an age appropriate program for Veterans Day.

Military Resources

Links from the Facebook Live MOMC Presentation 4/15/21


  PTA/School Book of the Month: “The Seasons of My Military Student”

   Join forums: the Seasons of My Military Student Facebook page for Teachers and Parents of kids K-12.

  Enroll in Schoolquest. A digital portfolio site by MCEC that helps keep all important paperwork in one place

  Military Kid’s Clubs:

  S2S Programs:

  Attain Purple Star Designated Schools Award: (HB 426 Rep Learned from D59 sponsored this bill) 

 School of Excellence Award:

 National PTA Military Page:

 Florida PTA Military (more coming soon).

 HCC PTA/PTSA Military Resources, Links, Spirit Weeks, Book list, etc. www.hccptaptsa/org/military-resources

 Military Onesource:

 MCEC: Military Child Education Coalition: .  Like them on Facebook. Professional Development programs available on the website on many topics applying to all families. Webinars, Workshops, Podcasts.  There is now an MCEC en Espanol Facebook page. 

 Month of the Military Child Toolkit:

 Military Interstate Compact or MIC3.  See Florida’s specific page. 

 Military Kids Connect:

 Bloom for Teens:

 PTA/School Book of the Month: “The Seasons of My Military Student”

  Join forums: the Seasons of My Military Student Facebook page for Teachers and Parents of kids K-12.

 Enroll in Schoolquest. A digital portfolio site by MCEC that helps keep all important paperwork in one place

 Military Kid’s Clubs:

 S2S Programs:

 Attain Purple Star Designated Schools Award: (HB 426 Rep Learned from D59 sponsored this bill) 

 School of Excellence Award:


Veteran’s specific

 Dod latest graphics for Families, Total Force and by Service at  

Month of the Military Child Book List-HCCPTA

MOMC books suggestion by the Military Inclusion Chair of HCC PTA/PTSA

Jennifer Southerland

Contact: [email protected]



A Paper Hug:  by Stephanie Skolmoski


Where do the Tears Go?:  by Doris Burd


I am Red, White, and Blue… Are You Feeling it Too?:  by Deanna Lynn Cole


Lily Hates Goodbyes:  by Jerilyn Marler


When Your Dad Goes to War: Helping Children Cope with Deployment and Beyond:  by Maryann Makekau 


But … What If?:  by Sandra Miller Linhart


My Red Balloon:  by Eve Bunting


I Like Where I Am:  by Jessica Harper


Alexander Who’s Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move: by Judith Viorst


Great comprehensive list:


All Hands on Deck! Dad's Coming Home!

Author: Julia Maki, Copyright @ 2012


American Hero Books: My Daddy Is a Marine

Author: Alia Reese, Copyright @ 2011

Ages infant-preschool


A Paper Hug

Author: Stephanie Skolmoski, Copyright @ 2006


A Year Without Dad

Author: Jodi Brunson, Copyright @ 2003


A Yellow Ribbon for Daddy

Author: Anissa Mersiowsky, Copyright @ 2005

Ages 4-8


Brave Like Me

Author: Barbara Kerley, Copyright @2016

Ages 4-8


But... What If?

Author: Sandra Miller Linhart, Copyright @ 2010


Coming Home

Author: Greg Ruth, Copyright @ 2014

Ages 4-7


Countdown 'til Daddy Gets Home

Author: Kristin Ayyar, Copyright @ 2013

Ages 3-8


Daddy Left with Mr. Army

A child's view of military deployment

Author: Chandelle Walker, Copyright @ 2018

Ages 5-6


Daddy is in the Military

Free book to customize, save and print -


Daddy's Boots

Author: Sandra Miller Linhart, Copyright @ 2010

for his job with the military.



Daddy's Deployed

Author: Bridget Platt, Copyright @ 2012

Ages 0-10


Daddy's in Iraq, but I Want Him Back

Author: Carmen R. Hoyt, Copyright @ 2005


Daddy's Submarine

Author: Bethany Patterson, Copyright @ 2019


Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You

Author: Carol Casey, Copyright @ 2010

Ages 1 and up



Author: Santina Rivera, Copyright @ 2010


Deployment: One of Our Pieces is Missing

Author: Julia Cook, Copyright @ 2018



Don't Forget: God Bless our Troops

Author: Dr. Jill Biden, Copyright @ 2012

Ages 5 and up



Father Is Always With Me

Author: Emmanuel Barbosa, Copyright @ 2016

Ages 1-6



Goodnight Marines

Author: David Dixon, Copyright @ 2016

Ages 0-8

A brilliantly illustrated children's book about the culture and traditions


Heart of a Shepherd

Author: Rosanne Parry, Copyright @ 2010

Ages 9-12

Teacher discussion guide available (3rd - 5th grade, 6th - 8th grade)


Hero Dad

Author: Melinda Hardin, Copyright @ 2010

Ages 4-8


Home Again (Board Book)

Author: Dorinda Silver Williams, Copyright @ 2009

Ages 0-3

Available for free at


Hug in the Wind

Author: Tim Steiner, Copyright @ 2018


I Am Red, White, & Blue...Are You Feeling it Too?

Author: Deanna Lynn Cole, Copyright @ 2008



If I Were Deployed

Author: Nicole Burch, Copyright @ 2019


I'll Lend You My Daddy

Author: Becky King, Copyright @ 2019

Ages 4-8



I'm a Hero Too! (Daddy version)

Author: Timothy P. Dunnigan, Copyright @ 2011


I'm Here for You Now (Board Book)

Free from Military OneSource


I Miss You!

Author: Beth Andrews, Copyright @ 2007

Ages 4-8



Another list:



For teachers, parents and other professional who support military child education: “Seasons of my Military Student”:



13 Amazing books to support military children:


Preparing for PCS:

Download the app and start reading today.

Free books for military families:



Must have books for Mil kids:



Worry Says What

by Allison Edwards


Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods that Make My Day:

By Jamie Lee Curtis


My Many Colored Days:  by Eric Carle


One of our Pieces is Missing:  by Julia Cook.


The Color Monster, a popup book of feelings by: Anna Llenas,


When I 'm Feeling Angry: by Trace Moroney


In my Heart- A book of feelings:  by Jo Witek.


The Mixed-Up Chameleon: Eric Carle


Leonardo the Terrible Monster: by Mo Willems


Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons: by Eric Litwin


Have You Filled Your Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids: by Carol McCloud


The Brand New Kid: by Katie Couric



Military Family Books:



MCEC Tell Me a Story Event Book List.  Check for more info on bringing a Tell Me a Story to your organization: 




MCEC NTS 2019 reading list:


The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath


How Schools Work by Arne Duncan


Grit: The Power of Passion and Perserverance. By Anne Duckworth


The Leader’s Bookshelf by Adm. Stravridis, USN, ret. and R. Manning Ancell


The Good Neighbor: the Life and Work of Fred Rogers. By Maxwell King


parks by: Peter L. Benson


More MCEC Recommended reference books:


Mindset:  by Carol S. Dweck


Special Needs Families in the Military:  by Janelle Hill and Don Philpott


Building Resilience in Children and Teens: Giving Kids Roots and Wings: Kenneth R. Ginsburg, MD, MS Ed, FAAP with Martha M Jablow.

1st and 2nd Editions


Serving Military Families, 2nd ed., by: Karen Rose Blaisure, Tara Saatholf-Wellls, Angela Pereira, Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, Amy Laura Dombro.


Raising Kids To Thrive: by Kenneth R Ginsburg, Ilana Ginsburg and Talia Ginsburg


The Student Leadership Challenge: Five Practices for Becoming an Exemplary Leader: by James Kouzes and Barry Posner


The Five Love Languages of Children:

By Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell, M.D.


Again… the Seasons of My Military Student (website shared above):  by authors Amanda Trimillos and Stacy Allsbrook Huisman (also a member of the Randall Middle School PTSA and Military Spouse)



Tip for schools/PTA’s: Host a book club. You can start with: The Seasons of My Military Student. It can help both parents/educators build support strategies. It comes in ebook or hard copy on Amazon. You can share this list with all families on Edsby. 





HCCPTA Month of the Military Child Signs