The purpose of the 2016 Flat Mindy Project is to highlight some of the many wonderful Family Engagement and Health & Wellness activities and concepts that are being put into action with children and youth from around our state.  Although anyone can participate in the 2016 Flat Mindy Project, only children, classes or groups from Pre-K through 5th grade in Florida are eligible for the incentive prizes being offered (see below for details).  

The Florida PTA has been advocating and promoting healthy lifestyles for children and youth since its beginning in 1923.  Many of our local PTA/PTSA units also promote healthy lifestyles by regularly providing information to families, students, parents, teachers and the community. Mindy Haas the Florida PTA President with her theme “Healthy Children, Heathy Future” has been encouraging and promoting healthy activities, behaviors and projects since her Presidency term began in July 2014. The Florida PTA Family/Community Engagement Committee believes the “Flat Mindy Project” will be a fun, engaging way to promote family engagement by continuing a focus on healthy activities, behaviors and lifestyles with children and youth that they had learned (or were simply reminded of) through events, programs and information from the PTA, the school or the group or club they belong. 

Click herer to find out how to participate!