PTA/PTSA - Back to School Checklist

Here are some tips to help you get your local unit into compliance as you start the school year. If you need help please reach out, we are here to support you!

  • Submit new/returning 2020-2021 officers in the below link. If your PTA/PTSA was not able to hold a general meeting for elections, Florida PTA has approved virtual general meetings going forward with at least one in person.  You will know if you have submitted your officers if your President received the “Kit of Materials” from Florida PTA this past week. 

Contact Janel Smith at [email protected] if you need assistance with this

  • Complete the 2019-2020 Audit The executive committee can appoint 3 people for the audit that are were not check signers this last school year.  This can be either in person or social distant (one person does the audit then brings the books to the next person and then onto the next) Below is the link for the audit form.  Audits need to be completed by August 31st.

  • Prepare Membership forms or MemberHub Most open houses are going virtually.  MemberHub will be a great way for you to allow your members to register.  Remember when setting your cost per membership that $3.50 goes to State/National and $0.20 goes to Hillsborough County Council.  Online memberships will have a small fee for the convenience.  If you need help with membership, contact Regina Gambell at [email protected]