It's time to start looking for people to serve on your Executive Committee next year. Check out the following tips to ensure your PTA's nominating process runs smoothly.
Choosing the Nominating Committee

First and foremost, read your bylaws! Article VI includes guidance for nominating. A nominating committee is elected by your general membership at least one month prior to your elections. Your committee should have an odd number of people. Your membership will need to vote on 3 or 5 members for the committee and 2 alternates to serve if someone on the nominations committee is interested in nominating themselves for a slated position. Any current paid member of your PTA is eligible to serve. The current PTA President may not be a member of the committee. 
Nominating Committee Do's

Your nominating committee is ready to go. What's next? Here's a list of proper practices.
  • Meet as soon as possible so you have time for future meetings as needed.
  • Elect a chair per your bylaws.
  • Set rules of the committee at the beginning of the first meeting.
  • Carefully study the skills, qualifications and interview questionnaire of potential candidates before presenting their name as a nominee.
  • Check your membership list! All candidates must be PTA members.
  • The committee chair calls the nominee for their consent to nominate.
  • All committee discussion is confidential.
  • Sign the nominating report if you agree with the nominees.
  • Members of the committee may be nominated for office.
  • Keep all documentation and destroy everything when the slate is complete. Do not save a candidate's paperwork for the following year.
Nominating Committee Don'ts

We all make mistakes! Read over this list to avoid common errors in the nominating process. 
  • Don't submit a candidate's name because of friendship. Always look at skills and qualifications to perform duties specific to the office.
  • Don't nominate someone with the idea of getting him/her involved if there are doubts about their interest or their ability to perform the duties of the office.
  • Don't accept an office for the title only.
  • Don't make public your interviewing questionnaire and responses or other documentation.
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