School of Excellence is a National PTA recognition program that supports and celebrates the partnership between a school and its PTA, and is one of the highest honors National PTA gives to local units. In order to earn the School of Excellence designation, your PTA and school leaders will work together over the course of the school year to increase family engagement by focusing on PTA’s National Standards for Family-School Partnerships. Click Here to see the National Standards Implementation Guide. The program supports you every step of the way as you evaluate current practices, identify new goals and look for ways to make improvements.
This past year, Florida came in first place for the number of schools earning School of Excellence, and Hillsborough had more schools than any other county! We want to continue this trend of growth in family-school partnerships, and Hillsborough County PTA is here to support you in your efforts. You can email Jennifer Wiezorek, our School of Excellence Chair, at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.
Learn more about School of Excellence by visiting National PTA’s website. Enrollment is open until October 15th, but don’t delay! The first step toward Excellence involves a school-wide survey, due November 1st, that you will want to allow ample time to complete. No worries about paper surveys getting lost in backpacks however! We are thrilled to announce that Florida PTA has made available an online survey tool that will enable all enrolled schools to conduct their survey electronically. After enrolling, email Naomi Frierson at [email protected] to schedule a quick tutorial and to receive a survey link customized for your school.
We know your PTA is already working hard to make great things happen – why not get recognized for it? We all have it in us to be Excellent! Enroll and get started today!