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PTA/PTSA is NOT Just About Fundraising!

One of the purposes of PTA/PTSA is to “secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.” Whether it is city or county government, school board, or the Florida Legislature, PTAs/PTSAs need to be engaged in the process and remain a strong voice for every child.


So how can you get involved and make a difference? Appoint a legislative chair and members to serve on the commitee. The next step is to stay up-to-date and well informed on proposed legislation that affects each and every one of our children.
  • Invite your local legislator to visit your school.
  • Attend town hall meetings.
  • Research bills and ammendments that are being formed in Tallahassee and in Washington D.C.
  • Know the Florida PTA platform items
  • Distribute legislative information to your PTA/PTSA board and general membership.
  • Initiate action when needed such as letter writing, telephone calls, faxing, and visits to your elected policymakers.
  • Spearhead a drive to register voters.
  • Focus community attention on an issue by providing an interesting and educational program for your members.
  • During election years, hold a Meet-the-Candidates night.
City, county, state and national concerns are all within the scope of your work on PTA/PTSA. Your members know what their concerns are for their children. As a PTA advocate, it is your job to tackle these concerns. The strenth in PTA/PTSA is our passion, numbers and the process we use to help the children of Hillsborough County and Florida. We have a responsibility to our children to use the strengths we are given! You will be amazed at what can be accomplished when someone takes the time to study the problem, hear all sides, and formulate constructive solutions.


*adapted from the 2008 Florida State PTA Kit of Materials